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We co-found sustainability-focused businesses in Southeast Asia with proven entrepreneurs.


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Wavemaker Impact

We work with proven entrepreneurs to co-found impact companies to tackle the most pressing environmental issues in Southeast Asia.

Over 100 Wavemaker companies contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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eFishery is trying to solve the biggest problem from one of the most crucial and fastest-growing industry in the world: aquaculture. They are an internet of things (IoT) startup for fish/shrimp farming. They build technology solution from smart feeding, cloud-based dashboard, and data platform to help the fish/shrimp farmers to grow their business sustainably. eFishery strives to help hundreds of millions of farmers globally. By tackling global challenge in food security, they create real impact for mankind.

The Wavemaker Impact team has built and exited successful tech companies in Southeast Asia

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We are always looking for talented entrepreneurs, industry experts and corporate partners to help us launch impact-focused companies. Please let us know if you'd like to join the cause!

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